It’s a challenge to carry keys while swimming, surfing, or just lounging at the beach, especially since not all keys can get wet safely. Water will ruin car keys that have a computer chip, but there are other options.

Many cars come with a simple metal key that opens only the car door. This key can safely get wet and can be carried with you in your Saggio Pocket while in the water.

If your only car key has a computer chip, there is a solution. A key that contains a computer chip can be copied to a metal key blank at any auto parts or hardware store for $3-4. Once you have the metal key, it should work to open your car door, but will not start your ignition, and can be carried safely in the water. (Your ignition key will need to be locked somewhere in the car.)

Additionally, we offer plastic, zippered bags that fit nicely inside your Saggio Pocket to keep your key dry.

Happy swimming.

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