Introducing Saggio Pocket

Do you ever struggle with where to put your keys, cash or id when you’re out running, biking, surfing or swimming?

Saggio Pocket is the convenient, comfortable and secure way to keep your valuables with you while you work out. Developed by athletes, for athletes, the Saggio Pocket can be used any time you need to carry small items, such as keys, cash and ID, but don’t want to carry a purse or bag.

In Italian, saggio means wise. That’s why we call Saggio Pocket the wise choice for all your activities. Use it when you’re running, swimming, biking or surfing. It’s also great for dancing, traveling and any other activity where you want to carry small items securely.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“The Saggio Pocket gives me peace of mind during my workouts. Without the Saggio Pocket, I’d have to stash my car key on the beach, which seems like an open invitation for theft. With this pocket, I can carry my key into the water and under my wetsuit, and I don’t even notice that it’s there.

This little pocket holds not only my key, but also my debit card and a few dollars cash and has come in handy during my run workouts as well. I highly recommend this pocket to athletes who need to keep a car key, debit card, or a few dollars close by during training.”

Carrie Jesse

MS, USAT Certified Coach

“Always a challenge — what to do with your keys while you’re working out. This is a nice solution — keep them secure in your wet suit during a swim workout, or carry them during a run. Well designed, well-made — would make a great gift. Wish it came in lotsa fun colors — hint hint.” Boo Briggs

“Great product! I wear it to hold keys while biking and country line dancing or any other activities where you can’t carry a purse.”


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